Oscar API Settings

Main settings


Default: True

Useful in production websites wehere you want to make sure that admin users can’t access the API (they can read/write anything which is exposed by the API).

Serializer settings

Most of the model serializers in Oscar API have a default set of fields to use in the REST API. If you customized the Oscar models you can reflect this customization by adding settings for this serializer.

For example, the RecommendedProduct serializer is defined as following:

class RecommmendedProductSerializer(OscarModelSerializer):
    url = serializers.HyperlinkedIdentityField(view_name='product-detail')

    class Meta:
        model = Product
        fields = overridable(

When you add the following section to your settings.py you will add the ‘title’ field as well:


The following serializers have customizable field settings:

Basket serializers

class oscarapi.serializers.basket.BasketSerializer(instance=None, data=<class 'rest_framework.fields.empty'>, **kwargs)[source]
class oscarapi.serializers.basket.BasketLineSerializer(*args, **kwargs)[source]

This serializer computes the prices of this line by using the basket strategy.

class oscarapi.serializers.basket.VoucherSerializer(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Checkout serializers

class oscarapi.serializers.checkout.OrderSerializer(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The order serializer tries to have the same kind of structure as the basket. That way the same kind of logic can be used to display the order as the basket in the checkout process.

class oscarapi.serializers.checkout.OrderLineSerializer(*args, **kwargs)[source]

This serializer renames some fields so they match up with the basket

class oscarapi.serializers.checkout.UserAddressSerializer(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Login serializers

class oscarapi.serializers.login.UserSerializer(instance=None, data=<class 'rest_framework.fields.empty'>, **kwargs)[source]

Product serializers

class oscarapi.serializers.product.OptionSerializer(*args, **kwargs)[source]
class oscarapi.serializers.product.ProductLinkSerializer(*args, **kwargs)[source]
class oscarapi.serializers.product.RecommmendedProductSerializer(*args, **kwargs)[source]
class oscarapi.serializers.product.ProductSerializer(*args, **kwargs)[source]
class oscarapi.serializers.product.ProductAttributeSerializer(*args, **kwargs)[source]
class oscarapi.serializers.product.ProductAttributeValueSerializer(*args, **kwargs)[source]