Use Oscar API out-of-the-box

To use the oscarapi application in an oscar ecommerce site without overriding or customizing the default views and serializers just follow these steps:

  1. Install it (see Installation)

  2. Add rest_framework and oscarapi to your INSTALLED_APPS section in

  3. Add the application’s urls to your urlconf

    from django.urls import include
    urlpatterns = (
        # all the things you already have
        path("api/", include("oscarapi.urls")),
  4. Apply migrations:

    python migrate


It’s recommended to have a dedicated root mountpoint for oscarapi which is not used by other applications. This to avoid creating a lot of unused baskets by the ApiBasketMiddleWare.

Middleware and mixed usage

There are some middleware classes shipped with Oscar API which can be useful for your project. For example, we have seen in practice that it can be useful to mix plain Oscar and the API (fill your basket with the API and use plain Oscar views for checkout).

See the Oscar API Middleware section for more information.